What to do in February

February has rolled around again, time for Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day. But also an important time to perform certain task’s in your garden. Here is a list of helpful tips to follow.

1. In the first week of the month, you should check on stored tubers and bulbs, mist those that re drying out and get rid of the rotten ones. Lavender should also be started along with thyme indoors on a sunny windowsill. It may not seem like it but the compost pile should be turned, it is still cooking out there!

2. In the second week you should prune summer blooming trees and shrubs to tame size and shape. Also remove dead branches and those that crisscross. Orchids should be replanted that are outgrowing their pots.

3. It’s the third week, if you haven’t properly cleaned seed-starting supplies yet, wash the one part bleach to 10 parts water and rinse well. Bring an early spring indoors by force-blooming flowering shrubs like crab-apple, forsythia and quince. Cut branches and place into vases of water indoors.

4. The last week of February is just as important as the beginning of the month. Start pruning deciduous trees (those that lose leaves in the fall) except “bleeders” like maple, beech, dogwood, elm, and sycamore. Wait until those leaf out. When house plants begin to show signs of active growth, give them a boost with a shot of water-soluble fertilizer. Finally, you should start celery, leeks, onions, beets, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower indoors; it is way too early for anything else.

Just a helpful hint about roses. If you are planning on buying them for Valentine’s Day, remember the colors! Red signifies¬† romance, Pink means affection, Yellow is for friendship, and White is for purity.


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