Prescription Gardening?

Its no surprise that people who get down in their gardens, lead a healthy lifestyle. One report entitled Gardens and Health claim that gardening should be prescribed by doctors for patients that show early signs of dementia and heart disease. Many authors cite reports on the health benefits of gardening and say it brings many important benefits for a healthy life.

Gardening has been shown to reduce the rate of heart disease, cancer, obesity, improve balance, and also can reduce depression and anxiety. One trial showed that it can even reduce dementia. Six months of gardening within the trial showed a slow-down of cognitive decline over 18 months. The National Garden Scheme has been quoted saying “Gardens and outside spaces also give people living with dementia access to natural light, which is important for the maintenance of circadian rhythms.”

So next time your feeling ill, or down in the dumps- get out there and pull some weeds! Plant a new crop for the season!

Thank you to The Telegraph for the original information. You can read more here. 

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