The Project Bloom Process

marge.jpgThe general plan is basically the same for each year that we have Project Bloom. The process starts in January and the season ends in May. In either July or August we tour the garden beds. In December we bring in cuttings of geraniums to start plants for the next spring. This is an overview of the process.


Plan out seeds for the year and place the seed order online.

Make sure the greenhouse is sound. All the glass is intact, the heater is working, etc.

Ask the town to order supplies.

200 sets of 6 cell packs, 300 flats with holes, 50 clear lids, and 12 bales of potting soil, 500 4″ pots, disposable gloves (2 boxes of 100), 2000 marker sticks, and 5 sharpies.

Make sure that we have a working hose and spray head. Also hand soap and paper towels.

Take cuttings of geraniums and other annuals.

Dip cuttings in water, then rooting hormone, then place in hole in wet sand or soil, and pack in.


Clean greenhouse, and put a plastic tablecloth or tarp beneath the soil area.

Separate 6 packs and fill with moistened mix. Put in flats with holes in the bottom.

Plant seeds according to packet instructions.

Label with sticks and sharpies. Keep text near top of sticks. Include varieties on tags.

Keep track of flats planted, germination dates, and other results on spreadsheet. Maintain weekly updates.

Water flats and keep covered with clear tops until they germinate.

Thin to one seedling per cell when large enough to handle.

Keep fresh transplants out of direct sun.

Water well on Tuesday, Thursday and stop by to check on Sat or Sun.

Spray Dawn on ants (sprayer bottle of water, with 1T of Dawn.)

March and April

Keep planting seeds until about the 3rd week of March, when all seeds should be in.

Keep thinning to one plant per cell. Make sure all 6 packs have labels.

Pinch tall plants after 3rd set of leaves to encourage bushy strong plants.

Fertilize after 2nd set of leaves, and once every 2 weeks. Use about 1/2 strength.

Put large annuals or perennials into 4″ pots to encourage root growth.

Keep sun lovers on top racks. Turn lower rack flats to promote even growth.

Test to see if geraniums have roots and plant in 4″ pots.

Take inventory and plan for giveaway, get estimates of donated perennials.

Mid April: Contact KIC with plant counts for forms.

Water well on Tuesday, Thursday and by stop to check on Sat or Sun.

Clean up and maintain outside area.

Plant any cuttings in water with roots.


Bring in unwanted perennials from home gardens: Daylilies, Hostas, Siberian Iris, etc.

Split perennials and wrap in newsprint. Stack in rolled bundles outside and keep moist.

Get sheets back from KIC and separate all plants into groups for orders.

Provide volunteers with some “thank you” plants for their gardens.

Create and print detailed planting instruction sheets to give to people who pick up orders.

Plant annuals around greenhouse beds.

Maintain beds around greenhouse.


Get together to celebrate our project and visit a member’s garden.

Maintain beds around greenhouse

July or August

Meet to take a tour of our gardens throughout the community.

Map a road trip from one spot to the next and caravan to view our efforts.

Maintain beds around greenhouse


Bring in geranium cuttings to root for next season.

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