Brentwood Rotary Club Bed

The Triangle shaped plot of land located at Candlewood and Commack Road in Brentwood is where the Brentwood Rotary Club planted their flowers. It is a small bed, with sunflowers, allysum, and zinnias. Unfortunately, this was the only picture we were able to capture with the sun receding so quickly. However, the flowers were beautiful and tended to nicely. 

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Abrew Street and Brook Avenue Garden

One of the stops on the Project Bloom tour was located at the corner of Abrew Street and Brook Avenue in Bay Shore. The flowers that were planted here were hostas, zinnias, strawflowers and marigolds. All the flowers were bright and looked like they were tended to accordingly. The flowers were planted between the Hostas, so when they were in full bloom they looked as if they were coming from the Hostas themselves! 

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Pronto of Long Island Blooms

Pronto of Long Island is a charitable organization in Brentwood. When we first arrived we thought there was not much to look at except for a little bed along the street. When we took a closer look, we saw that along the wall of the building was another garden. Tall zinnias and sunflowers along the whole side of the building really brightened up that space. So cheerful!

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Northeast Elementary Beds

One of the schools that received plants from Project Bloom, was Northeast Elementary School in Brentwood. They received marigolds, and zinnias. There was a lot of weeds, but it was still nice to see. It’s always refreshing when a school implements a gardening program into after school activities. It gives kids something fun to do while being outside. 

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West Islip Beautification Society Beds at West Islip Marina

West Islip Beautification Society planted flowers from project bloom. Their bed is located at Reflection Park at West Islip Marina (past Our Lady of Consolation), located next to the playground. They received portulaca, and marigolds. They have great beds with daylilies and hostas, and also had impressive geranium planters. The geraniums grown inside the planters were red, white and blue- how patriotic! 

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All American Auto Project Bloom

All American Auto Bed

All American Auto in West Islip has beautified their front area with strawflowers and zinnias. Directly under the business sign, was large pink strawflowers and bright marigolds. There was also large Hostas, that were in full bloom with tall purple flowers. The bright flowers looked so nice against the green of the bushes and the grass. 

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Photo Credits: Joanna Kane

Bayshore Lions Club Project Bloom

Bay Shore Lion’s Club Lighthouse bed

Located at Lighthouse Island on Fifth Avenue, in Bay Shore is Bay Shore’s Lions Club’s bed. They have nice daisies and Russian sage. There is a lot of allysum, some zinnias, strawflowers, and cosmos. All of their flowers looked very healthy, and made the lighthouse look spectacular. There was a plethora of daisies, that looked like waves of yellow under the lighthouse. 

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East Islip Yacht Sales Project Bloom

East Islip Yacht Sales Beds

East Islip Yacht Sales had a small planter box by the flagpole in between Park and Ocean in Bay Shore. There was also another bed at Seaborn Marina on Ocean Ave, just north of the Bay Shore ferries, underneath the sign. The flowers really stand out at the marina under the sign amongst all the greenery.

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East Islip Community Watch Bed

East Islip Community Watch received flowers from Project Bloom for the growing season. Some flowers that were planted in this bed are tall strawflowers, foxglove, deep purple coleus, alyssum, beautiful swiss chard, and ageratum. The Swiss Chard was very impressive. There was so much lush greenery in this bed, it was astounding. They showcased the flowers from us very well. 

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Islip High School KIC Club Project Bloom

Islip High School KIC Club Beds

Islip High School’s KIC (Keep Islip Clean) Club planted flowers inside the school’s courtyard, and also outside the front of the school. In the courtyard, the students planted some basil, zinnias, and foxglove. In the front of the school was some Giant Red Celosia. The high school’s KIC Club did such a wonderful job, that it made it onto the “Top Garden’s Tour” that Project Bloom had for it’s members in August. Well done Islip High School KIC Club!

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Northeast Neighborhood Watch Project Bloom

Northeast Neighborhood Watch Gardens

One bed that we visited was by the Northeast Neighborhood Watch. They had such a large area, and did a great job using it to their advantage. Although some of the plants were not ours, they had some fantastic sunflowers, and some fun whimsical touches. The Northeast Neighborhood Watch did such a wonderful job, that they were included on the Project Bloom “Top Garden’s Tour” in August.

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Cherokee Street School Garden Club Project Bloom

Cherokee Street School Garden Club Bed

Cherokee Street School Garden Club planted flowers in their front courtyard at the school with a large bed in the middle. They grew marigolds, and had a single coleus plant sitting in the shade. It’s such a great thing to see when schools have a garden club implemented into after school activities. It gives the kids something fun to do while being outside.

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The Common Ground Project Bloom

The Common Ground Garden

The Common Grounds in Sayville planted strawflowers, allysum, and marigolds. But these beautiful beds were mostly perennial flowers, not grown in our greenhouse. All the flowers were tall and vibrant and gave The Common Grounds such a tranquil feeling. Their pink strawflowers grew strong and tall, they were so pretty to look at. The pink color almost seemed fake.

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Oakdale Improvement Blooms

Oakdale Improvement Bed

Along Montauk Highway, the Oakdale Improvement team planted a beautiful bed. Located underneath the sign for Norman DeMott Park, across from the Oakdale train station, the group planted Project Bloom’s flowers. The team planted bright portulaca, mixing them in with white alyssum. The color contrast was great, having small pops of color amongst all the greenery.

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Central Islip Civic Council Project Bloom

Central Islip Civic Council Gardens

Central Islip Civic Council was one of the groups that received flowers and plants from Project Bloom. They had maintained an organic farm with a large flower bed. They grew a large bush of starlight zinnias and had beautiful coneflowers. The swiss chard was very impressive. This garden was beautiful and interesting enough to make it onto the “Top Garden Tour” that Project Bloom members took in August.

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East Islip Community Cleanup Project Bloom

East Islip Community Cleanup Bed

One of the groups that received plants from Project Bloom, was the East Islip Community Cleanup. They planted their flowers beneath the town entrance sign, across from the East Islip Public Library. They received strawflowers and portulaca. The strawflowers grew so nicely! They were tall, and had a deep red color. East Islip Community Watch did so well with their bed that they were included on the “Top Garden Tour” in August.

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Photo Credits: Joanna Kane

North Great River Civic Association Project Bloom

North Great River Civic Association Beds

The beds that were planted by the North Great River Civic Association were very impressive. They planted at two separate locations, and both were equally beautiful. The first bed was a small shade garden that was well kept. It was planted with coleus and alyssum. The second bed was large and full of our marigolds, sunflowers, cosmos and allysum. When we went on our garden tour, these well-maintained beds were most definitely on the list. All members of Project Bloom were very pleased with the North Great River Civic Association. Well done!

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Islip Beach Project Bloom

Planters at Islip Beach

The planters at Islip Town Beach were full of bright flowers and made the boardwalk look cheerful. Their large potted plants overflowed with an abundance of Allysum, ageratum, and Marigolds. There was also shrubs planted by the restaurant. All of these photos were taken at night after having dinner at the Sunset restaurant at the beach (would highly recommend!) 

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