New Shed in the backyard

Bob is working on building us a new shed in the back corner to put all the crap that doesn’t fit in the other shed. Our friend Cindy had a new patio poured at her condo and Bob and I collected up the 1000 old pavers in many trips in the truck! And a couple of years ago, when we had the driveway installed to replace the pea gravel that was there, we had the guys scrape off the old gravel and dump it in a pile in the back. We wheelbarrowed in the gravel and laid the pavers over it for the floor of the new shed. Looks great. Bob cut down our original Christmas tree because it would have had to come down eventually, and this way it doesn’t crush the new shed. It was from our first year in the house – and was 35 feet tall! There will be 2 entrances with glass doors and 3 windows, all salvaged from our house or someone else’s trash. Photos of the progress are attached below!

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