Early May 2018

Many flowers are currently in bloom around the yard. Flowers growing include: Alyssum, Anemone, Primrose, Double Cowslip Primrose, Basket of Gold, Betty Boop Iris, Inky Dink Iris, Many varieties of Daffodils in yellow and white, Muscari and Valerie Finnis. We also had geese visit our yard with their new cute babies. Spring is finally here and we are very excited for more blooms! 


May 23, 2017

Here are some of the plants that are currently growing around the yard. All of the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. I love how the hanging plants colors all mix together. Look at how large the hosta in the front plant pot grew! The red daisies against the lush green of the leaves is a sight to see. There are many seedlings also growing in the greenhouse. I can’t wait to plant them all! 

May Blooms 2016

Here are the spring bulbs and perennials growing around our yard for the month of May. Flowers include Johnny Jump Up’s, Yellow Tulips, Red Double Tulips, Flowering Quince, Thyme (in our Thyme Pathway), Callery Pear Tree, Daffodils, Purple Tulips, Weeping Cherry Tree, Orange Frittalaria, Japanese Andromeda, Creeping Phlox and Bleeding Hearts. All the colors are so nice to look at.

Shrubs around the Yard

Here are some beautiful photos of the assorted shrubs and plants growing in our yard at the moment. Plants growing include Service Berry, Pussy Willow, Spice Bush, Lenten Rose, Mohican Viburnum, Leather Leaf Viburnum, Plum Tree, Forsythia (I just love the color!), Pieris Andromeda, Spirea, Eastern Red Bud and our Magnolia Flower is starting to bloom as well!  

May 7th, 2015

Beautiful flowers are in bloom in our yard at the moment! We have many different types of flowers including English Daisy (Bellis), Our Spring Bed which has Betty Boo Dwarf Iris, Inky Dink Iris, Double Cowslip Primrose, Basket of Gold which is a perennial allysum, Spice Bush Vibernum, Tulips, Daffodils and Creeping Phlox. In our Mailbox Bed we have hostas. In our yard we also have Asiatic Lilies, Tulips, Iris, more Daffodils, Chierianthus (Wallflowers), Foxglove (from last year seedlings), a cool variety of daffodil which is white with an orange center, and we also have Chinese Dunce Caps (Orostachys iwarenge.)

Blue and Gold Spring Bed

This bed located in our backyard, right by the back door where I can see these bulbs all the time.. Some of the flowers include Cowslip Primrose, Basket of Gold Allysum, Powder Blue Mini Hyacinths (Valerie Finnis) Muscari, and dwarf iris. I love how the colors look next to each other. So cheerful this time of year.

Our Bleeding Hearts

Here is a collection of photos of our Bleeding Heart plants from this season. I love the bright pink color at the top of the flower. I think they are so pretty and quaint. Bleeding hearts are such a great plant to have around the garden for pops of color, there is also varietals that come in white. 

What’s in bloom for May

Take a look at what’s growing in our yard at the moment. All the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. The flowers blooming this month include Johnny Jump Ups, Yellow Tulips, Red Double Tulips, Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles), A pathway made of Thyme, A Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Callery Pear Tree (Pyrus calleryana), Purple Tulips, Weeping Cherry Tree, Orange frittalaria, Japanese Andromeda (pieris) and Creeping Phlox. I said it last month, and I will say it again– this is by far my favorite time of the year!

May 2014 Blooms

May 2014 Blooms

Early and Mid May in the backyard. Some of the flowers include Our Spring Bed, Bleeding Hearts, Dwarf Hostas, White Lunaria (Silver Dollar Plant) with Epimedium, Basket of Gold, Epimedium Bloom, Sedums, Moss Path with Irish and Scotch Moss and Bridal Wreath Spirea, Cherokee Princess (Dogwood), Hostas with Pulmonaria, Raspberry Epimedium, Creeping Phlox, Thundercloud Plum, Holland Tulips and Phlox, Viburnum, Thyme Path with Grape Hyacinths and Lavender, Standard Lilac, Wind Flower Anemone, Hellebore a Lenten Rose, Spice Bush Viburnum Carlesii, Dwarf Iris, Dianthus with Peanuts in the Vegetable Garden, Lavender and Jingle Shells, Gold Bar Miscantus Grass, Ruby Tears Weeping Cranberry Tree and Silvestri Anemone.


May 31, 2013

A lot of bright colors are popping out with the start of the summer in our yard. Flowers blooming in our garden include Pink Peonies, Pale Purple Lilacs, Sweet William in hot pink, pale pink and white, Yellow Siberian Iris, Pink and Red Pyrethrum (painted daisies), Dark Red Oxalis, Strawberries, Red California Poppies, and Foxglove (digitalis). All the colors are so beautiful! 


May 24, 2013

Many flowers are in bloom, bringing many bright colors. The plants blooming in our garden are Pink Petunias, Blue Lobelia, Coleus, Lobelia, Kous aDogwood, Jade Red Weigela, Lily of the Valley, Pink Azaleas, Giant White Irises, Carnival Weigela, Dark Purple Columbines, Dwarf Sedums, Red Rhodoendrum, A field of Sweet William, Cannas, Pink Pyrethrum, White Lunaria, Snapdragon, Spiderwort, Pink Carnations, Bachelors Buttons, and Scotch Broom.


May 17, 2013

There are many flowers blooming in the garden. They include Euphorbia, Reticulated Iris, Sweet Woodruff, Jade Red Weigela, Purple Iris, Columbine, Wood Hyacinths, Josee Lilac, Sensation Lilac, Spiderwort, Pansies, Geum, Lily of the Valley, Blueberries, Light Green and Dark Green Moss, Violas, Rhododendron, Lumaria, Peony Buds, Woodland Hyacinth, Asparagus, Leatherleaf, Pink Azalea, Doublefile Viburnum tomentosum, and Ostrich Fern.

May 8, 2013

The start of May brings a bunch of new flowers blooming in the yard, including Ruby Tears Weeping Crabapple, Spice Bush Viburnum (My favorite scent!!), thundercloud plum, Ajuga, Basket of Gold allysum, white Lilac, Lilac Josee’s delicate Dwarf flowers, Geum, and Standard Lilac. All the colors are so vibrant and beautiful, and the scent is to-die-for!