Here are photos of when we visited Holland and went to Keukenhoff to see the tulips. It was breathtaking with all the beautiful colors and the meticulous gardening. The sheer numbers of tulips was overwhelming (in a good way!) It is definitely a sight to see! I think one of my favorite parts of all the floral displays, was the rivers of mini grape hyacinths flowing amongst all the tulips. The royal purple was so beautiful. 

Holland from the Train and Bus

Being on foot and looking at Holland is beautiful, but get into a car or plane and the view elevates. Being able to get a bird’s eye view of the fields and landscape gives a feeling that can’t be described. It was magical to be in the trains rushing past the tulip fields. I still can’t get over the copies amounts of tulips and all the different colors that were being grown. 

Castle in Holland

We also visited a castle in Holland. The medieval architecture of the estate was amazing. The castle looked straight out of a storybook! There was even a drawbridge with a moat. It felt like being moved back in time. The atmosphere was stoic and fabulous. All the surrounding grounds were carefully taken care of, and there was even animals roaming around in the fields. 

Botanical Garden – Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam, we visited the botanical garden. They had an amazing variety of plant life. Many of it was encased in glass to keep it safe from the outside world. We loved the display cases and the massive tropical plants. The last photo was my favorite plant inside the botanical garden. It was this beautiful tree, that just looked like it was dripping purple flowers. 


When we visited Amsterdam, it was an unforgettable experience. All the buildings were artfully built, and the city just screamed beauty. We passed a street vendor who was selling tulips. All the different choices were mind boggling. Really, all the flowers being sold (not just tulips) had many, many different color choices. We also walked past a small garden that had giant lizard statues running along it- how creative! 


Aalsmeer is the largest flower auction held in Holland. The town that the auction is held in, is referred to as the Flower Capital of the World. All the flowers that were being auctioned off were magnificent and so vibrant with color. The vastness of this place and the amazing volume of flowers in motion were unbelievable.